Storage & Security

We create storage security that allows authorized users to store resources and make them unavailable to a foreign entity using specialized settings and variables. These variables can apply to both software and hardware.

It would help if you had storage security to guard data storage jealously and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the storage system.

Since most corporate organizations use additional storage means to secure their data, especially against hackers and unauthorized entities, your organization shouldn’t be left out. So, we can help you design a suitable storage security system best for your organization. One can not overemphasize that storage security is usually the last defense mechanism.

Many organizations’ data have suffered different attacks, ranging from hackers to accidental data loss. The different types of threats we protect you from with our storage security include:

Ransomware attack occurs majorly when available data is encrypted which users deny access to the data until some amount of money is paid to unlock the data. Sometimes, hackers are responsible for placing ransomware on a storage system. They might sometimes threaten to make vital information about your company public if the ransom is not paid.

  • Unauthorized access occurs when there’s a breach such that unauthorized users or hackers gain access to your company’s data.
  • Unintentional access: this is sometimes not intentional but occurs due to a poorly developed storage system. This occurs mainly in the organization of group membership overlapping.
  • Data leakage occurs when vital information belonging to your organization gets exposed to the outside world. Data get leaked most of the time when files are copied from one device to another.
  • Accidental deletion: it is not always that data are stolen or hacked. Sometimes, data may be lost when you accidentally delete it from your device.
  • Accidental modification is another major threat to data storage, whereby you mix up data and eventually lose the original.

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